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Do I need to sacrifice Alexi for that otter guy(i forgot the name)in coliseum? 

I mean if I help him win, will i still see Alexi? Cause i dont wanna miss skills from the otter guy but i dont wanna lose Alexi either

there is a bug in mobile that the menu buttons, speed, among others are too small to click, do you intend to fix it?


Something I find slightly confusing is when you do Lancaster's seduction testing at the Mage's Guild. If you Seduce the Crocodillian and back out of the circle, when you visit him a second time, it reads as if you have wronged Lancaster when it was he who told you to step out of the circle. I think that should not be the case, correct?

Is there a way to access the Royal Court? The game makes it clear that i have obtained "valuable information" when i visit the farms, that info being on how to enter by walking underneath the bridge seperating the islands. But theres no prompt to do anything other than to talk to the guards. Is it still a WIP? 


the royal courts are a wip 👍


Thank You!

I really like your game, its awsome!



(and will prolly be cemented as such when i actually get to the horny bits lmao)

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can you please tell me how to finish it...? I started it, then i get shooed away again!

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There is a glitch where the water dripping sound from the cave won't stop in the scenes after. It's the only thing I hear even after I close and relaunch


The game is pretty cool. I never expected to have so much fun playing it. I always miss some skill checks and tried several options but still get stuck. It would be nice to have a guide. 


Hello,can I ask how can I play with Zad?

Does anyone know the skill needed for Sloane's sermon check or is that a WIP?

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There are 2 skill checks for Sloane event,"Lesser Olfactory Strength" and "Seduce: Redirection".

I don't think I've got the Seduce: Redirection. How did you get that ?

You can get it after having sex with a merchant with 2 guards. And then choose "Slow down a bit".

Is this the sermon you see the first time you enter the church? because I don't get a skill check in that part.

The skill check is trigger when you take a tour at cathedral. And the last one during visiting cathedral after you take a tour.


I want to worship the gladiator champion again so bad 😭 and Raul!

Did we going to have a realation (SEX) between MC and baron.pls say YES.🥺



When confronting the otter, what is the 3rd ending? I got the ending where I'm defeated and the ending where I win the fight and leave him, how do I get the 3rd ending?

For you to get the third one you need to mention the package he get's from the shady deal he's doing, just pick the middle option when confronting him before the fight.

Hello! I completed Father Sloane's quest, but when I go back to talk to Minervus the game tells me I haven't completed it and the quest option has disappeared from the cathedral. Is it some bug? WIP?


It's a WIP so you can't hand in the quest yet.

Thanks for the info!! :)


I think my game might be glitched, the sound of water dripping in the early cave encounter has never stopped. Even restarting didn't fix it...

same, ive had to mute the music

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*1.7 spoilers*

I know Rape Culture is like a huge issue IRL, but I gotta say, as a strict bottom, I am super into rape scenarios (when the victim (me) ends up enjoying it). And since I'm absolutely willing, regardless of the idea that the MC hates it, I still loved Jacques' confrontation scene. I think part of it is how I'm probably a masochist, so the punching and spanking was even more of a turn on. And the degrade-spitting? Yes, please~!

Yas! Bottom power hahaha

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I dont know if i did something wrong or what on lord byron and sylvies dilemma but it says i dont have the requirements for it but i already did last time and its not giving me an option to do it again


Have you ever peeked while they having sex? I think it is a required scenario.

I already did last time and it's not working and it's not letting me redo it

Have you try to play it again in older save file? I'm sure that the only requirement for this event is peeking while Byron having sxx with Sylvia.

I tried but it didnt work and i dont wanna have to redo all of it cause it's difficult to get out of the dungeon


You can use shortcut passage (there will be an option to be selected) to get out from dungeon in new update. But I'm not sure that it will affect some events in the future or not.

Hello! Can someone tell me what are the requirements needed during the 2nd meeting with Bobby(Boar in the construction)?

Oh wait nvm. It's WIP.


I'm new in this game. This game is supreme! I appreciate to play this game. Also thank you for your hardworking >:D

Anyway, I have some question about the story (I play at 0.16 build). Did Raul will die after his Jail breaking crime? He is one of my favorite character and I concern that I will never meet him again ;w;


Is there a way to succeed on the Lizardman quest?

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This game is AWESOME and charcter design is just to AMAZING.

BARON is hot daddy and I believed he was mine sooner or later BUT imagine my shock when I saw him with RABBIT girl 😭 It was heartbreaking.seriously I'M just SAD.

I think there's a bug when u complete menerva task (stole from father) and when u go back to peasants area to report to menerva it's saying u haven't completed the task.maybe it's because I didn't go right after completing the task and after completing the task I was exploring the other areas.


dont worry about it! that plotline isnt written yet so everyone will get that result



I saw the line "overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer" and got flashbacks. great game by the way!

Does anyone know what skill I need for Hoffman?
Or where do I get it.

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"Alluring Figure" from the four beastmen in Peasants. Also Stimulating Touch (champion?), Gag Reflex Control, Enticing Visage: Lower Body and Addictive Body (from main city prison adventure), and the Auras: Shared Stimulation and Amplified Orgasm.

when is the update going to be posted

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Spoiler Warning:

Does anyone know what skill is needed for the skill check during the prison scene? Or where to get said skill?

Which prison scene? If you're referring to the first time you go to the jail cells, you can get them by visiting the coliseum iirc. If not, it's found in the farm.

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Thanks for letting me know that. It was the jail cell skill check.

its still taking me to 17.1 download instead of 18.0

ah, thats what u meant! 0.18 is not yet; the $5 patreon version usually comes out on 30th or 31st so i have more time to squeeze content in


this has been quite fun, not a lot of animation and obviously a work in progress, but even then it's absolutely great.

its not letting me dowload patreon versio .18 

there are instructions on patreon and on the main page of those builds! :-)

Where can I find the brothel


It's in the port, once you interact with it enough.


There better be more pyrrus content after all of that (non patreon guy btw) or else I'm suing >:( T_T


that's me trying to be cute :p they shall be removed when i rework those parts 😌

Would be something to see a project run with it.  Doesn't have to be you of course.

ello! I was just going to ask if the itchio version and the patreon version different from each other??? Tysm:3


the builds available on patreon are early access versions of what's eventually going to come to (public) 👍

Plz help :'/ I've done the rob but when i try to talk to minervus it says i didn't do it 


It hasn't been implemented yet, so you can't go talk to him

I have a problem. I can't update my game. I have the 14.1 version, i downloaded the new version for android but it says it is invalid. What can i do?

sorry, can't help you there with android problems 🙏 it's an issue on your end unfortunately

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this game is my fav so far pls do improve more im waiting !

thank u! <3

i wonder if there gonna be character for the side character when it nsfw? -w-


i'm considering for one or two, but not all; there's too many and the sprites take a lot of time to draw

XD relateable


Better yet a bad ending with Hoffman.


I hope there's a good ending with Hoffman.

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