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I am really enjoying this so far. I just wish that the controls at the bottom of the screen were easier to see and read. The pale blue on the yellow text box is super difficult to make out what is what. Otherwise awesome art work and story line!

so sorry about that!! it looks ok on some scenes (i think), but i only just found out diff backgrounds make the textbox lighter (and thus harder to read the blue words),, this should be fixed in 0.03!! i made most of the fonts much darker

Fantastic art! I hope you continue it


Such a good news, Welcome Back!

Will there be an android version in the future?

Download joiplay and you can play it on android

Is there anyway I can find / download the old game called “magnalia” ? Want to try it .

Amazing artwork and great game I played it when it was just an twine game. Can't wait to try with images. Also will you make an Android version.

i wanted more

Is the suited dog for real? Does he has a route?

none of the characters you've met thus far have a traditional "route" yet, but i definitely plan on adding romanceable characters down the line

I want Erwin to take us so bad and are we gonna meet the bandit again ,?


Really excited. Thanks for not giving up on a wonderful game!

Hooo... its got upgrade from text based only to VN o.o nice... can't wait to conquer all beastman. Muahahahaha... #opss

And i tried the game but is it just me? The text was too dark, i can't read it unless reading through history. Or is it cuz i'm runnin the game from JoiPlay? FYI its app an for runnin renpy pc through android


This is a method I used just so I can play the game on Joiplay. You can go and open up the keyboard and press A to open up a menu. Once there, press the Debug on the top right of the screen and close the menu. I hope this helps.

thats quite helpin..... lmao

I'm trying to use joiplay, but when I go to import, the file for the game isn't anywhere in storage, what can I do to get it to show

still in zip? Open your download file to extract it first then continue addin the file to JoiPlay


Really love how this story is going 🥰 keep up the good work 🤗

Can not wait for the update

I love this game.


Hey there, just wanted to let you know we are all still rooting for you, Orangeho.


Orangeho, please tell me that you have plans to continue this? I am really excited about this project. We are all hoping for you to continue you this great work!

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herro, thank u for the support and the pledge!! (and to all the people who've commented below >.<)

it's curious how u pledged on the very day i decide to post the patreon progress announcement.. how serendipitous!


Yes, it is. Have you thought about maybe making a Discord? Is there anything I can do to help spread the word?


why was this abandoned its so good

Is this dead? :(



will there be more please?

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I quite liked it!

cant wait for more! ;P

okay I can, but it's to show how much I liked it haha

only complaints are wishing I could name the character, a little more choice on some things, and being able to dom and top, and maybe powerbottom haha


It would be nice to be able to name the character


I love this game so much! The writing is amazing and although I wish there was a little more choice in avoiding situations entirely, I still really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!


for some reason it told me there were no storage adaptors found, is there anything I need to do?


holy shit. isekai is my thing and. wow! that skill really?! omg!! i want to be like him hahahaha


great game, keep working on it when ever you like to update is fine by me as long as there will be an update to this story that could develope into something amazing so goodluck.


Don't you dare let working on your games distract you, mate. We can wait, no matter what. 

Really hope you continue writing these game because it’s one of the best so far me playing.

Quite bare bones, especially since none of the choices seem to change anything, but the writing seemed well put together.

This has to be the best thing ive ever read i just wanted to keep reading! I really love the story and I really hope you keep going makeing this amazing story! This is actually better then any book ive read truly! I hope you keep going with this and make something you really love! <3

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Hello Orangeho, great job you're doing there, and I hope this game gets more popular! I've seen that some people complain about the game not having relevant choices, but it really just started 3 months ago, and honestly, it's hard writing a story and then applying it to a game. If it serves as inspiration, check out "Choice of Games" if you haven't already, the games they create give me a bunch of ideas when I write my own stuff!


This... was... AMAZING. It's SO FUCKING HARD to find good fantasy/monster erotic games/stories, especially if you're looking for sub-male protags! I know you said below you weren't planning to continue this but gods know I would LOVE it if  you did! Spectacular job!


I really love this style of full sub fantasy content! like others said your story well-told with sex drive so I think to keep going that same way as now would be also an enjoyable development for players. if you like open Patreon or download link that helps me to found a way to pay more support for you. <3 

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decent but i dont really like how you cant play as you want so if you wanted to be a fully dominant character you cant but this was just full sub. hopefully you release a full version with more freedom of choice. would like to play as a alpha

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Please continue with the game! Your writing and content is amazing. I've been looking for a new game for a while and this is right up my alley. ;p

I really liked it, but when choosing an option that leads to the same destination, there must be different options that lead to different characters, but that meet the same destination, I would also like to know when it will be updated.

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I read this comment before playing, and then once I was done, I was surprised that it was rather short. You could, very easily,  draw in an audience by further designing the game. I, for one, would be willing to keep playing. As Zeroken09 said, I beleive that the game should be designed with more of a sexual drive, rather than technical. There should, of course, be parts that are designed to be carefully carried out, but the fact that this isn't overly specific is a nice feature.

Has a lot of potential, kinda gives that naive gamer thrown into fantasy world which I adore. I hope the story goes as it is, story and most importantly sex driven and not too much technical. Best of luck my dude.

Great game ! It's very enjoyable so far ! You don't have much control over anything but I really liked it anyway, everything coming together very nicely ! Thank you very much ... Can't wait to see more <3

This is great. I hope the story keeps going, even if there is no authentic leveling up system it was still a great read. 

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