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Only I Have Skills (OIHS) is a semi-linear visual novel by orangelo. Our text-based adult story follows an unassuming and altogether underwhelming protagonist who meets his untimely demise at the cruel hands of a… speeding truck? But wait — things turn out better than one might expect...! In a medieval fantasy world filled with magic and monsters, how will our protagonist survive?

This game is NSFW and features homoerotic content targeted towards submissive bottoms. Content Warning: Only I Have Skills features sexual content containing non-con elements, non-human sex, violence, gangbang, impregnation, and more. If any of these trouble you, please proceed with caution.


New builds are released at the end of every month.

Build 1.01— available now on itch.io! Download links are free below.

Build 0.1 of The Silvercrest Pilgrimage — available for $3 patrons. Check this Patreon link for more info.

Build 0.2 of The Silvercrest Pilgrimage — available for $5 patrons. Check this Patreon link for more info.


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The story, code, and sprites are done by me! Some sprites are provided by @earthpow.

Backgrounds are creative commons resources.

App icon by Caz: https://cazwolf.itch.io/caz-pixel-dailies

GUI by PaperHatLizard: https://paperhatlizard.itch.io/cryos-mini-gui

Music by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

Font by Woowa Brothers: https://www.woowahan.com/en/fonts

Special thanks for Hyao for always encouraging me to pick up this game again and for helping me with all my Renpy coding queries. The doggo is the creator of the incredibly successful and beloved Lustful Desires. I’m sure everyone on itch.io has already heard of it, but play it if you haven’t already!


  • How do I get out of the dungeon?
    • There's a map of the dungeon here. The answer to the door puzzle can be found in the 3 hint locations.
  • Will there be top content?
    • I have plans, but this won't be happening in the immediate future.
  • Is there going to be a guide to this game?
    • Not currently. However, some users have mentioned working on one.
    • User Ahari has made a guide for everything up till Rajt. You can find it here.
    •  I have made a list of all available Skills and how to obtain them. You can find the guide here.
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(520 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Ren'Py, sex
Average sessionA few hours


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OnlyIHaveSkills-1.01-linux.tar.bz2 283 MB
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OnlyIHaveSkills-1.01-win.zip 294 MB

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The story is excellent but dude WTF! No matter what option do I choose I always end up being rapped (and the next one being far worse than the last), please give us real choices, combat abilities, survival, anything aside of being rapped 🥲


This is one of the best game i played so please tell me when will be next update or arc start I'm waiting.🙏


This game have been one of the best game ive ever played frfr, at first i only played this game becayse of the smut, but as a dive in the story as i interact with the characters my prespictive in this game suddenly change, espicially at the end it make's me cry frfr😭😭😭.

I tots love this game and i hope it get more update mr orange i will wait for this game to have more update and i hope the update have more smutt and can i siggest something i hope the next update we can interact with  severcat and phyruss, i really want to be with the cat hehe🤪🤪, i hope we can get more smutt with him and hope to have babies with the severcat 😼😼hehe, overall one of the best gameeee everrrrrrr i swearrrrrr, love you orangeeeeee🥰🥰🥰🥰

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hello ahaha can u spoil me abt the ending? actually its been a while since i played & i already deleted my data from before and i don't wanna get through everything for the meantime but, i'm so curious how it ended so pretty pls spoil the ending, anyone? thank u !


Well tlthe ending is about our mc was gone like a buble with the villian, but i really can't explain the endinggg TT it's so cryinggg

(2 edits)

the villain sksksks wtf who ??? 

ps. thank u for indulging my request TT


When will be the next update huhu, its like the best game i ever played frfr huhu

Wuuuu... dear author when will u update this one... ?? Miss this a lot already TwT

Hi I’ve seen this option crossed out quite a few times and I’d like to be able to use it because it looks like it could’ve been very useful a few time so who do I have to seduce to see in the dark? 

At the beginning you have to let the goblin pull you into the cave, then you’ll get that

I'm literally feral for this game, what i was expecting to be a short "few hours" kinda game took me days and that was after i wanted to explore everything and all options😂, loved thr artstyle(even though at first the inconsistency threw me off but i got used to it tbh), pls i hope this isn't all that's left and we actually get more stories and branching paths, Keep it up!!!!!🌟🌟

okay I don't even know if these decision are important in the long game but

is the hidden path or the lower path better for later in the game

also is Commerce: Sense Deceit more important than Artefact Intuition


Hope to see some art to go along with the scenes, it'd definitely add more to the game.

Hiiii is this finish?

Very fun game! I want to ask about the swamp mission in Rajt City. Is it destined to fail?


Yes, it is supposed to fail


I have become inordinately invested in the plot of this porn game, ending the last chapter on a cliffhanger is just cruel. 

Fantastic game though, mixing a surprisingly gripping narrative and interesting worldbuilding with extremely hot smut. And the sort of "moral choice" aspect is honestly really interesting. Like it's specifically called out that the protagonist could become some monstrous, domineering tyrant if they just keep using Seduce and disregarding peoples' free will and consent, but that's the only way to gain some Skills and those Skills might be needed later. It creates this really interesting ludonarrative harmony where both the player and protagonist are constantly tempted to bend their morals to gain more power and walk further down the road to becoming that monstrous tyrant. 

Having all of the options to gain Skills immediately after the game draws attention to the morality of your actions be ones that involve you Seducing people who can't consent was really smart. Every single time I saw one of those options pop up I always considered it. Even though I didn't take any of them since I was trying to maintain some morality, every single time I wondered if I was passing up Skills that could be vital later on. 

It really does capture the kind of thought process that characters have in stories when they're being tempted by ambition and power: "But what if I need the power that I will gain by doing this evil thing?" You did a really good job at that.

thank u! glad u enjoyed oihs 🧡 and i'm happy u caught onto what i was trying to do w skills and morality 😁

When will you update this game pls huhu, pls update plssssss, its so goooddddd frfr

Are there any intimate contents with Lexi? Just finished his Adventurer's guild quest and I wanna cuddle the big guy after D:

if I recall correctly, after the quest, you can bump into him by working at the brothel :-)

Alrighty!! Thanks a lot :DD

this is already over for volume 1, but will volume 2 be a separate game or will it update this one again?


i'm not sure yet, but most likely it'll be a separate game

aight, thanks for the response!

please tell me there'll be a second game or something to know if the MC in this is alright 👉👈

to be continued!

Uh, that ending sucked bigtime. owo;;
I knew it would end poorly tho. But I still hoped otherwise. =w=


sucked in a good way, i hope!


YOO I just did the scene with Byron please tell me there’s going to be more scenes with him

unfortunately not! just a passing character :3


Bruh nah wtf was the ending? Mf I was INVESTED and you took my happiness away in an instant. 😭


(1 edit) (+2)

Dammit I was here for smut now I'm fully invested in a grand adventure with smut barely in my mind anymore 😭 

the smut was but the lure for my trap! >:3

Does anyone know where can you train with Rondal to get the skill? cuz I hadn't encountered this event before I walked all the places I could go and still couldn't find it.


It's a random encounter at the Adventurer's Guild, iirc.

what skill do i need for the shark guy


Welp Just finished the Rajt exploration part. And PHEEEWWW, I'm really simping for pyrrhus, it sucks not obtaining the skills when taking his path. Will MC be able to meet him again after the heist arc?

no comment 😁

Hi, I know your busy with the new project but will you still be updating/polishing oihs? Would really love to see the cg for lord Byron and the inn keeper's scenes.

i'm not quite sure if i will or can, but i do want to




PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make Sverocat a recurring character! He's hot and madly in love with MC.


is there a pathway where you can romance zad?


not in volume 1 😁


I guess now is a good time to continue reading seing as there won't be more updates for a while, well as long as the battery recharging hiatus/other VN is ongoing.

Question: All male characters?... or can you pick female or something?


Yes, all male characters and you can't pick female. But this is good.. it's only 19 days ago and i miss this so much already

(1 edit) (+3)

F**K my favourite game so far great art style great characters and great story I hope you continue (please continue 🙏). OIHS


I've read quite a bunch of VNs from this site, and not gonna lie, this one is on the top 5 for me.

The history is good, the characters well written, the scenarios are good.

If i had one thing to complain about would be the different art styles that sometimes appear, but even then, to me it's not a big drawback.

Hope this project continue going on, it have potential to reach the top ranks if well managed.

thank u!

yes, i've finally settled into a style, so those discrepancies won't appear for future instalments 👍 thanks for tolerating them!


this is literally my favorite game, thank u. 😌


Hi, Can you make the font bigger? It's hard to read.


Please bring the serial killer back and let me have crazy boyfriend fantasy 😂😂😂😂

(1 edit)

I believe I got all three key pieces, but at the outcome, I only said I have 1.













(3 edits)

I think it depends on how you get the key and who helped you to get it! For example, i got the key from pantry by taking help from cat girl. So even I found 3, I only have 2.



I’ve got problems w the download (android), it downloads but then it says “app not installed” 


Maybe your storage is full. I had that problem, too. Also it isn't because of the space sometimes. I just needed to turn off the protection on playstore then I was able to install it😘


I don't know if it's been brought up or if it's already planned, but I'm really hoping I can persuade the Sverocat to be my pet instead. He's kinda cute and I have a big soft spot for big cats in general.

Just finished chapter 1. Amazing story, loved every second, but what about all the friends we banged on the way?

*Spoiler for Rajt dungeon*

I was personally looking forward to seeing the Hobgoblin again (don't wanna break a promise, after all) on top (or bottom :3) of the sverovcat too. Poor kitty just wants a partner ;~;

I agree I would love to go back to the dungeon and meet the Hobgoblin again for a second time and I would love it if the servo cat could be a reoccurring character

(6 edits) (+1)

I'm kind of like you, Orange. I discovered and played your VN 3 years ago when it was just a short smut story, and I enjoyed what kind of game it was at the time.

But now that we've reached this? I don't even know what to say. This is just incredible, the way it has evolved so much, and the way I've been able to follow along as it grew. I think this was the first VN that I discovered in its very early stages and have followed all the way to the end of the first volume. I was ecstatic when I saw that it had been updated for the first time, and it has been an exceptional journey since.

I'm excited to follow along with your future productions, regardless of how different they may be from OIHS!

thank you for ur enduring support! ^^


hi! where in the game is the pregnancy content?


Seriously, I don't know how else to cover them

If you visit the farmhouse enough you get to see something about the farmer dude having an affair with another woman and she's pregnant or something, if that's what you're talking about

oh,why would they need to put that in the content list then


Bad End Spoilers

A couple bad end scenarios have m-preg. Something where the skill system adapts the character's body. It's non-canon or something and the "System" drops you right back at the decision that preceded it once the ending plays out.


My man just wanted to be a goblin matron, didn't have to downvote him xD


Words are not enough to describe how amazing OIHS is. This last update was truly incredible, I was on the very edge of my seat the whole time! x'D

Thank xou sooo much for all the hard work xou've put into this sensational project!!! ^^_



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