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Only I Have Skills (OIHS) is a semi-linear visual novel by orangelo. Our text-based adult story follows an unassuming and altogether underwhelming protagonist who meets his untimely demise at the cruel hands of a… speeding truck? But wait — things turn out better than one might expect...! In a medieval fantasy world filled with magic and monsters, how will our protagonist survive?

This game is NSFW and features homoerotic content targeted towards submissive bottoms. Content Warning: Only I Have Skills features sexual content containing non-con elements, non-human sex, violence, gangbang, impregnation, and more. If any of these trouble you, please proceed with caution.


New builds are released at the end of every month.

Build 0.21 — available now on itch.io! Download links are free below.

Build 0.22 — available for $3 patrons on the 25th. Check my Patreon link below for more info.

Build 0.23 — available for $5 patrons and above on the 30th. Check my Patreon link below for more info.


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The story, code, and sprites are done by me! Some sprites are provided by @earthpow.

Backgrounds are creative commons resources.

App icon by Caz: https://cazwolf.itch.io/caz-pixel-dailies

GUI by PaperHatLizard: https://paperhatlizard.itch.io/cryos-mini-gui

Music by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

Font by Woowa Brothers: https://www.woowahan.com/en/fonts

Special thanks for Hyao for always encouraging me to pick up this game again and for helping me with all my Renpy coding queries. The doggo is the creator of the incredibly successful and beloved Lustful Desires. I’m sure everyone on itch.io has already heard of it, but play it if you haven’t already!


  • How do I get out of the dungeon?
    • There's a map of the dungeon here. The answer to the door puzzle can be found in the 3 hint locations.
  • Will there be top content?
    • I have plans, but this won't be happening in the immediate future.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(387 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Ren'Py, sex
Average sessionA few hours


com.orangelo.oihs-release.apk 222 MB
OnlyIHaveSkills-0.21-linux.tar.bz2 206 MB
OnlyIHaveSkills-0.21-mac.zip 199 MB
OnlyIHaveSkills-0.21-win.zip 216 MB

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I been waiting all is WIP and idk what to do now I can't go anywhere?


how do the porn bots show up like every week?


does anyone know how to get greater orifice stretch


Could you make a route with the drunken guy in the first town

Could you make a route with the barkeeper


Could you ever make a route with the bandit leader


I'm not sure if this is important, but might as well tell. Searching for "Only I Have Skills" for some reason results in no luck finding the game. Since that strikes me as odd I thought it would be good if you knew. Love your game and Happy New Year!

Do you have your settings set to allow Adult Content in searches? I had that issue for a while until I realised that by default Itch doesn't allow adult content games to show in searches.

(1 edit)

I checked and yes I have it on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to find most FVN. Anyway, good thinking I suppose. Where I didn't have "allow adult content" active is Reddit, probably because I'm using a very good Reddit client for quite some time now. (Searching for OIHS works for some reason)


thanks for letting me know! i noticed this problem too earlier on and that was why i decided to add the OIHS tag to make the VN more findable 😮‍💨 

Searching for the full name also didn't get me this VN. Once I searched "oihs" instead of "only I have skills" then this popped up.

Is it possible to return to the first dungeon? And is there any use for appraisal ring?


Truck-kun strikes again

Currently in 0.20 ver but I still don't know which skill I'm missing for first time visiting Bobby. Can anyone help me thanks


1000 out of 10

need more smack sound UwU 

lol keep up the great work! i only been playing for a good hour and already love the story. cant wait to see more in the future <3 <3


This is currently the most interesting game on itch.io for me personally. The mystery, the setting, the characters, are all just enough to get me hooked. 


Hey mr. orangelo i love the new patreon update keep it up also we want moreee alexi content😩😩

Can anyone tell me how to succeed in the mission of the lizard man?

There isn't a way to; it's just a way to trigger the Adventurer's Guild.

What skill do I need to do this?

Help please 

Welp i know that skill it's wait you can look at this skills of mine if you have all of it

Oh my...I am missing soooo many skills...I need a skill guide LOLOL

Ohhhh..... It's seduce redirection😊

(1 edit)

I don't have seduction redirection, can you tell me how to get redirection? please 

Thanks in advance 

Sorry i can't not that i don't want to just that i don't know how i did get that i just tried having sex with everyone and exploring and exploring until i get those skills and btw just save and save soo if you have something or some skills that you needed before finishing it you can go back so just explore and explore😊

Oh okay, Thank you anyway

Is there a continuation to Alexis quest after completing the adventurer's guild part and going our separate ways?

In a few months I would guess.  Here's hoping it's less than a season.

(1 edit)

Question, is Minervus' quest to steal from Father Sloane finished? I cant seem to steal something from him, anyone knows a correct way to do this quest? Ive been stuck on it for a while :/


Really getting my hopes up with some of those skills.

Also, it turns out Mr. Bear is one of my types.  Still want more Makon though.


VNs are really hit or miss for me but i love this one, the skills collecting is a really cool way to encourage playing through multiple paths, will patreon when i can

whats the requirement for the phyrrus events

what is the answer to the dungeon riddle?



Or right?




Just wanted to say i'm absolutely loving this game! I need to save money for a little while but i definitely want to help support this on patreon


glad you're enjoying urself! 🧡 thank u for ur support :3

Ehy guys! Do you know how pick up the Alexi's quest? When I go in the adventures' Gild, he is not there


It's not completed yet. It is one of the crossed out missions in the "Take on some quests" section.


Gosh dang! This is a good one. Following, for sure. Glad I stumbled on this one after Lustful Desires.

I have an issue with Minervus and father Sloane, after I entered sloanes bedroom and stole his stuff, when I return to Minervus it says that I didn't do my job of robbing Sloane even though I robbed him. Do I have to see sloanes conviction to finish the task Minervus gave me? 


That is because the rest of the quest has yet to be updated, it currently is a wip after you rob Father Sloane I believe.

so how do we unlock "sloane's tour" and "judgement"? i'm at a loss here

Does the skill- sin: Sense Guilt have a usage yet?

Will there be stories about Makon for or not, I really like him.


I'm loving this game! But I have a small question. Is there a correct order for visiting the npcs in town and getting all the skills? I'm worried that I might miss some skills and can't pass the skill checks as I proceed some of the route.


Strange question, but... Dom plague doctor? 


Anyone know what skill is needed when you check on Father Sloane? And if so how can i get this skill?

(2 edits)

you will need Suduce:Redirection when the merchant invites you to the visit the three bucks, when you get there I would chooses both options it does give you different skills. but the slow down a bit option is the one that gives you suduce:Redirection.

(1 edit)

Hey, orange, I'm just curious: are you aiming for a Steam release of this once you're done with this?


it is a consideration, but i doubt so - at least until oihs reaches a level of polish that im comfortable with! thanks for asking :>

In the dungeon part, which should I pick? The affinity: ratkin route or the treasure (see through) route?

I recommend just making a save file on that branch. The game's entire design practically encourages that.

Hey what is the correct order if you don't mind me asking for this part 


Owl >> Unicorn >> Bull, if I remember correctly.

(1 edit) (+1)

How do I get Fear resistance and greater stretch

In prison you get fear resistance if you escape with the big scary guy


No, you get both from the merchant in his room. You may wanna do it twice since each option give you different skills.

Hey I had an issue with the audio, after the sound for the cave in the very first encounter with the goblin started it just kept going.

I tried to restart the game and even deleting it and downloading it again but the problem persisted,

Anyone know how to fix it?

(i just resorted to playing with the music off, still amazing game!)

(1 edit)

hey i can't open the skill menu i get this error message.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script

    $ ui.interact()

  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module>

    $ ui.interact()

  File "game/skills_screen.rpy", line 18, in execute

  File "game/skills_screen.rpy", line 18, in execute

  File "game/skills_screen.rpy", line 20, in execute

  File "game/skills_screen.rpy", line 38, in execute

  File "game/skills_screen.rpy", line 38, in <module>

NameError: name 'skill_naturallubrication' is not defined

still an amazing game tho. love it 


I also keep getting this as well. Is there any way to remedy this?

does the error prevent u from playing the game? or does it only appear if u are checking the skills screen?


this happens to me as well whenever i click the skills button. And it doesn't prevent me from playing as long as i click rollback or ignore but then that just means i can't check what skills i have. Hope this clears up what the problem is.

Damn this is so AWESOME! however,

There's nothing else to do aside from having sex also can you please add a quest bar/button so that I most of us can have a guide cause I felt that I'm lost most of the time.

Do I need to sacrifice Alexi for that otter guy(i forgot the name)in coliseum? 

I mean if I help him win, will i still see Alexi? Cause i dont wanna miss skills from the otter guy but i dont wanna lose Alexi either

there is a bug in mobile that the menu buttons, speed, among others are too small to click, do you intend to fix it?

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