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how do you meet the thief requirement?


You should probably have the wolf thief in the marketplace arrested by silently going after him then stalling for the knights to arrive.


Any other games similar to this with lots of sex with chubby/older/furry characters? LOVE this book/game!

azulookami has developed a fair number of games/text/visual novels that apply to your tastes, and he has also developed another visual novel of the same varied flavor, which is currently in hiatus. They can all be pretty kinky at times, so keep that in mind.


There's also this one really long text adventure filled with so much good stuff. I highly recommend it.


I have a grievance: Being taken and fucked by a fearsome and occasionally tender tiger daddy and filled with his cubs is NOT a bad end.

Still questioning how a priest is almost naked but who give a shit


That's probably because he's a mage and needs a lot of mana for his magic, and the skin needs contact with the air to produce mana or something


i wouldn't translate earth's logics to this world :P if everyone there has to show skin to live, why would their religions enforce otherwise?

Any one know how to learn Lesser strength?


By doing a favor in the locker room at the colosseum (not the one in this build another one)



I love how your art progress. Characters design are awsome and cute. This game is beautiful 🥰


thank u! i'm learning slowly :P

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This update was actually a bit longer than I expected, which I was glad to realize. I'm also glad that this visual novel is almost entirely male-oriented, and yet the female characters aren't hollow husks that do nothing - they actually have personalities and play important roles.

I gotta say, for a visual novel that was originally 5 minutes long and wasn't expected to be a full project, this has become quite an enjoyable gem.

thank u! <3

It seems we get the skill Lesser Intoxication Resistance but doesn't show on the skill list, or it has combined to a new skill?

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I think it was replaced by Lesser Poison Resistance, but if it doesn't appear in the first place then it should be removed. I'll repost your report in the Discord server.

I don't think so, as we get the Lesser Poison Resistance first from having some fun with the innkeeper, the Lesser Intoxication Resistance come later as the innkeeper visit us at midnight.

this will be fixed in 0.13! thank u!


I just really want to applaud the creator of this game for writing fun and not cardboard-cutout-like female characters. They're all fun and interesting!

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got a feeling if we sleep with Father Sloane, we will be able to use light magic and we could scam the ever-loving shit out of everyone lmao


I am Hella hoping its Orange who liked this so I can get a soft confirm we can scam racist bitches.

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Ok there's some things I want to say about this update first: be crime do gay, I will not elaborate. Second: gimme another round with Jacques and I'll wipe the floor with his face. Third: I'm waiting for the time when I'll be able to enlighten(corrupt) the priest, specially if it's in front of the whole church, let them see the true beauty of unrestrained sex. Fourth: thief is a cute tsuntsun :). Fifth: Alexi is interesting.

how do i update the game?


On computer download the new build and erase the old one.

On the phone download and install the new build(don't erase the app from the phone)

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is the phne also for android



Will this game have any "routes" per say ? Or will the MC remain a s.l.u.t that seduces everyone ? 

Not that I'm complaining about how the MC has his way with everybody, but I wouldn't mind settling down with someone down the road :P


i will admit, that was the original plan (and perhaps still is). but i seem to have a problem with severely underestimating how much there is between point A and B in my outlines,, for reference, i had planned for the mc to reach xyerlinn academy by build 0.05 😛

but for now...? perhaps mc would be better off slutting around if it suits his skills to do so. who knows!

Have you already pinned how routes are going to work?

Would it be the old-fashioned extra time together kind?  The connection by alignment kind?


Hi! Can I ask if the Sverocat will receive any content in the future? He is cute and handsome! Probably not, but, I think doesn't hurt ask, right?




yo how the fuck did you predict the future of 0.11 XD


Sverocat best boy


Orange, how far would you say the VN is in terms of progress? Just aaking out of curiousity, I suppose!! x) 


i can't answer this without spoiling some big plans that i have :3

Hm, ive seen comments mentioning it, but none with solutions for how to pass the item check when leaving the dungeon? Does anyone know what that item is or how to get it? :)

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iirc u can only get that item if u avoid the rats... which also means you'll be failing the checks that need the skills u get from them later on, i.e. there's no real way to pass every check

Oooooh, okay thanks!

Is there a path to the save file in the Android version? I just wanna back things up, just in case.

i think someone mentioned something about it down below, but i don't use android so unfortunately i can't help you with this. perhaps google might have something that would help?


Will we get more content with the theif? I've been intrigued by him (and tiger daddy) since I met him but there's so far the one interaction (I didn't feel like turning him in.) I'm so stoked by this game and wait eagerly for the updates.

stay tuned :-) you'll get more of him in both routes (whether to turn him in or not)... just in different ways

Am excite


haz una copia de tus archivos de guardado desinstala el juego instalalo de nuevo y mueve los archivos de guardado ala carpeta y listo✨😊

It says "app not installed" after I try to download the latest update. Any idea why this might be? I didn't have this issue with the previous updates

It's either a flawed storage issue or, as I mentioned, a flawed download. I say "flawed storage issue" because this happened to me oftentimes, even when I have a mass of unused storage. 

Ensure your internet is stable throughout a download (try starting it at 12AM), or clear your phone of some cache. Try the latter first then attempt installing.


I can't update android version. It says it has a corrupt package.

That usually happens to any file that downloaded incorrectly. The file size would indicate that it wasn't done downloading. You probably had a slow internet connection at the time.


Can't wait for a potential item check failure gag where the player fails to parse a magic dildo.

This is such a seriously well-written game, though :) 

i thought about this as the character tries to swallow a dildo to steal it and it just kinda gets stuck in his throat but he can somehow breathe so everyone is either laughing or interested.

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How do I get this choice with marchant in hotel room, (I prefer if they live)


I love this game so much! Just sad that we have to wait for more uppdates... 

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It takes time to code and write the story into it (the code), testing and then uploading and informing the fans/followers/clients about the changes...

Everything in Life takes time, dearie...better get used to it. Instant gratification is not the "norm" in Nature, you know ;-P

And this gives you the chance to enjoy the "sweet suffering of anticipation" ^_^


"sweet suffering of anticipation" how dare you state everything in my life i love atm. i feel called out in every manner ;-;


can we get a way to skip the maze ive done it more times than ide like

maybe if we did it before, but not for a first timer. wonder how this would work tho

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Wonder what would happen if we got more artefact related skills because if only with artefact intuition we can feel for relics and get a vague ideia of what they do then what if we got a skill to allow us to analyze them? Or even one to allow for the manufacturing of them, or just repair or even slightly "editing" of what they can do? An example of "editing" if you got a ring of lesser protection and the lesser poison resistance skill and the skill of Idk artefact smithing/creation(?) You could Change the ring to a ring of lesser poison resistance, or get a enchanted item that affects the eyesight and you could change it to dark vision and sell or gift this items if you sold them you could do so through the merchant we already have contact with, or alternatively you could fuse the already existing enchantment with one of the skills you posses making the enchantment stronger or with some additional effect thats related to the fusion of the enchant and the skill you used. That could be fun. And as a limitation you can only use acquired passive skill for artefact manipulation/creation/editing.

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I can't wait for more of the merchant, Briston and Triston

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Bruh I downloaded 0.10 but after waiting for install it says not installed and doesn't update ? Any help 

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It happened to me too I uninstalled the app and reinstalled a fresh new app and it worked(lost my progress? Yes do I regret it? No)


Whats the code for the hooks?


owl, unicorn, bull


Thank you for allowing me / us to download free for a look-around. I love LD , & If Hyao has faith. Its wouth looking into your Work:)


Dear lord, and here I thought I couldn't find a game hornier than Those Days

Really great game, too bad we can't get intimate with Zad yet

I'm currently encountering only "Work in Progress" as I'm wandering through the town so I guess I'll have to wait for the next update !

thanks! :-) u can check the patch notes from build 0.08 onwards to see what's available! each area will be slowly worked on with each update


something is wrong with the text it's all messed up 

Really enjoying playing this, but seem to be stuck at the part where you have to do your Task. Just says "work in progress" at every location, even at the Inn when I chose to end it & move forward. Do I have to wait for an update before continuing?

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glad you're having fun! most of the content in rajt is still in progress, so you'll have to check the patch notes to see what's available. check the 0.08 devlog onwards


You may want to classify this as a visual novel as well (renpy) 


cheers, will do


I want to ask about the one in the lower prison that says "which pendant will you put on the first hook" 

that I have to choose what animal

Deleted 69 days ago

owl, unicorn, bull

Deleted 69 days ago
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each build adds on to the previous one, so 0.11 will include all the content of 0.10. essentially, if you get 0.11, you basically also get 0.10

Deleted 69 days ago

When can we meet the wolf thief again he's quite intriguing (and by intriguing i mean i want to have his babies)

So, after the dungeon, I got the reward but it says I failed an item check? What does that mean?

u were missing another item

Thank you! I think it's because I went to the rats and not straight to the Satyr, but then if I go straight to Satyr, I don't get skills

When can we hump (with) the Satyr?



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