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Welcome to the Patreon page for OIHS~! Thank you for supporting me. This page contains the second early access build for $5 patrons and above!

If you have trouble downloading the builds, please check the following:

(1) Have you linked your itch.io and Patreon accounts?

(2) The download links are INSIDE the Devlog notes below (i.e. "Build 0.0x is out!").

(3) Have you claimed your access key? Here's the link if you haven't: https://orangelo.itch.io/oihs-5-patreon-version/patreon-access

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
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why is the serial killer the most attractive out of everyone else to me. this is crazy.


I did rob the Father at the Cathedral for Minerva but it's saying I didn't


Will we be able to keep skills we aquired in bad endings?




still not working it keeps on taking me to the 17.1 download instead of 18.0

0.18 is not out yet! $5 version usually comes out later than the other builds, around the 30th or 31st 


Are builds no longer being posted to itch?

It's appearing the same way for the $3 Patreon Version as well

there are instructions on the main page! :-)

is there really no way to successfully do the quest


yep. the quest was originally planned to be a more standard 'skill check for success' type, but i opted for it to be more linear in the end to tell a story 

  1. I just want to say that you are doing an amazing job at creating a unique game. I just want to let you know I encountered a bug where the right of my screen turn into a different background
  2. here is a picture of it

hello, i'm glad you're enjoying oihs! thanks for reporting this but it's actually because i sized the map incorrectly lmao... it shouldn't affect anything though so no worries about it

Is there any way to get out with Raul or does it always end in defeat for the bandits?

yep that's the only outcome

Deleted 173 days ago

it's not available yet

what skills do we need to pass the skill check for  Tyron?


lesser fear resistance, which u can get from the merchant's guards

do we have to seduce the merchant in order to get that?

yes, you would have had to seduce him back in toberran city

to leave

it's not available yet

when i visit the merchant how do get the guards

Hey just want to let you know that the hyperlink of the patreon access is incorrect. It directed me to the $3 tier download page.

Was very confused until I copied and pasted the link instead of clicking it.

thanks for notifying me!

Oh no, Did somethinghappen?

only that android users might lose their saves this update unfortunately :(

I see, Thank you