Build 0.20 is out!

Author's Note

Fans of Alexi rejoice! This month's update is a fat, fat chapter entirely on Alexi. I thought I got carried away with Pyrrhus's prison plotline, but this Quest takes the cake. Ah, but the adventure is too much fun to leave malnourished. Hope y'all enjoy hanging out with the big bear~

Build 0.20 Patch Notes


  • Quest with Alexi


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I really like how I'm both very invested in the story and also very invested in the story ;) Looking forward to all the future updates, keep up the good work!

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Favorite between Alexi and Master Cat, one pure hearted and good while the other dominating and dark. After this build that is unchanged, Alexi is so precious, need more from him too. Visiting the east dungeon with him sounds "promising"

A question. I've finished the job at the adventurer's guild with Alexi, and not an option appears blocked saying Alexy quest 3 to be required, where would that be?


My poor heart almost could't take it. 

Also, damn he is so adorable, i love Lexi so much. I'm a whore but I also have feelings, ok?


A typo mistake, "I have three brothers. Very naughty, like Willow and Wallow." should be Millow and Mallow


Ah yes, the best character so far.