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Author's Note

Here's the update for June! We've began the focused march towards the end of Rajt. This update (and the next few) is to clean up all the loose ends in the various areas before I begin on the final major plot-line that I've been building this whole time. We're... probably 80% done? 75%? Well, y'all know how bad I am at predicting progress, so let's not concretise that number. At the very least, we *should be in Xyerlinn by 2023 (can you believe we're already halfway through 2022? that's illegal) It... probably doesn't help that I might have gotten carried away with the Jacques confrontation and dumped a bunch of variations into it. This one's for those who intentionally threw their bout with him, so you won't see the scenes if you just lose to/beat him normally back in the Coliseum. Three outcomes: (1) you can walk away, (2) win, (3) or... lose ;) I also added a section where you can explore the little parts of the Mages' Guild. It's the most obvious thing that MC would do after finding the Guild, but I always had to put it off until now. Really enjoyed finally penning down some of the magical worldbuilding that's been floating in my head, though I still had to rein a lot in (saving them for Xyerlinn!) Last thing of note: I'm planning to go back to re-do some of the starting chapters, as mentioned the previous time. Some of the hours usually put into new content will be redirected to the rewrite, but I believe this is important for the quality of OIHS. I think $5 patrons can just expect to get the update towards the end of the month from now on (instead of the usual 25th). So I'll finish writing whatever I want by the 25th, post the public and $3 build, then spend the last ~5 days or so working on the re-writing that I'll put in the $5 build. Not just rewriting, but also music (finally), sound effects, more interactivity, maybe a nicer UI... and perhaps more plotlines? Wait no, let's not get carried away again... unless?

- orange, 23 June 2022

Edit: Previously, the 'Compete' option is replaced by 'Watch gladiators' after you're done with it. I've added the 'Compete' back so you can repeat the event if you didn't throw the fight for Jacques but want to now that he has more content. Additionally, part of the rewrite was adjusting all the GUI, which kinda threw the in-game Patch Notes thing into a mess. It's... going to be a lot of work fixing it and I'm already fraying, so I'm going to leave it for the next update </3 Anyway, the GUI part of the rewriting was the largest hurdle, so progress should be a lot faster now that I've gotten that out of the way :D

Build 0.17 Patch Notes


  • Approaching Royal Courts' gate (first visit)
  • Lord Byron and Sylvia's dilemma (only if you peeked on them)
  • Confronting Jacques (only if you threw the match; 3 endings)
  • Exploring the Mages' Guild


  • Chapters 1-2 (i.e. right before the cave goblin) — just some tidying of pace and syntax; no major changes
  • Added BGM and SFX <3 finally
  • Changed the GUI — I quite like the new look!
  • Slime sprite (reworked)


  • Cave drip effect will continuously play at the end of the rework. Sorry, it'll be fixed. For now, just turn the volume down in the settings :")


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