Build 0.15 is out!


As y'all might have expected, this month will have a little lesser content than usual! The past few days have been crazy just trying to squeeze an entire month's work into a week (whew), but I actually managed to get out more than I expected :o But now that my semester is over, May will be back on the regular schedule! I might even speed things up a bit now; we've been in this city for way too long now methinks (do tell me if you agree/disagree so I can get a feel for the general sentiments)...

Anyway, this month's content poll was really close! Really close as in the Port got 115 votes and the Cathedral got 116. What a shame for the Port voters... except for the fact that your magnanimous generous kind charitable selfless fruit overlord orange has decided to include both areas! I'm actually quite liking what I'm building for the Licence, and I hope y'all enjoy the introduction to the Courtesans and Hoffman himself. And with Minervus's mission out of the way, all you Wolf Thief simps can finally progress with his good route :-)

In the meantime, I've cleaned up some things that have been bugging me for a while now (refer to the Misc section). I've also considered revamping the very beginning of OIHS; I've changed so much as a writer and OIHS itself has also transformed in its trajectory and tone. The start of a story is so vital in hooking the audience, and I'm wondering if it might be too draggy or linguistically convoluted—and end up inadvertently alienating some newcomers. You've all made it this far; would love your thoughts on this!

Anyway, I'm wrapping up Build 0.15 after this clean-up. I could probably squeeze in one more scene, but I'm just going to upload the build so I can put the content poll for May up afterwards and give y'all at least one whole day to vote. And also because I desperately need a day to rest. Hope you enjoy the update! It should be up a few hours after this post goes live.

- orange, 29 April 2022



  • Cat girl encounter (walk around the Cathedral)
  • Confessional (enter confession booth at Cathedral)
  • Minervus's mission (at Cathedral; only if Player accepted the mission)
  • Courtesans meeting (second visit to Brothel)
  • Hoffman's trial (second visit to Brothel)


  • Hoffman (SFW)
  • Hoffman (NSFW)


  • Finally resized Rajt map so there's no blank bar on the right... only took me about 7 months
  • Added a Patch Notes button on the Rajt map :-) Realised it might be confusing for newcomers since they'd be thrown right in with 8 months of content blended with lots of WIP blocks
  • Fixed the Watch Gladiators RNG by making sure every variation is witnessed first before it changes to Renpy's RNG system
  • Added an option to skip the pendant puzzle for the dungeon maze because dear lord... at least now I know it's terrible game design to lock progress behind a puzzle lmfao
  • Added a skip option for the entire dungeon maze at the very start too


Jun 25, 2022
OnlyIHaveSkills-0.15-linux.tar.bz2 111 MB
Jun 25, 2022 104 MB
Jun 25, 2022 121 MB
Jun 25, 2022

Get [OIHS] Only I Have Skills


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i was not expecting such a difficult challenge in bed, but that was really impressive. and i also can't wait to see what the plot may unveil.

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Regrettably I will admit we've been on this too long and should probably wrap things up. On one hand I'd really love to get on that boat and play with the shark captain I worked so hard to get but at the same time I'd hate to go too far from my master and his dungeon. Let's not leave Hoffman out cuz he was wild and still wanting to see our new cuddle bear. Quite the complicated situation LoL

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So glad I'm not the only one that likes to make the tsundere kitty purr.

Is Minervus's quest complete? or not?


it's not

Good to know.

Deleted post

🤣 Querido magnanimo generoso amable caritativo desinteresado señor de la fruta naranja 🤣 ya le robé 💰 al padre sloane 😳 y aun no puedo hablar con Minervus 😔