Build 0.14.1 is out!


A new commissioned character arrives! Lots more for our ram coming, but I'll be pacing his content out so that it develops naturally (as with the other commissioned characters). It was fun taking up the drawing pen again after several months of not having new sprites!

This month's a short chapter! I tried a new writing style that involves being a lot more succinct, and I was aggressively cutting out lines that I thought could stand to be removed. Do tell me if that makes the pacing too fast or what-not. Still! We have a lot more varied content this time round with your Coliseum and Construction vote winners (and my personal sprinkle of other areas), so I hope you enjoy 0.14!

Oh, and we also have another new character who was accidentally (yes) created, having organically sprung up while I was writing the scene. I'm not sure if I want to flesh him out yet, but he's quite interesting, so we'll see! ...Though, after the emergence of the sverocat simp kingdom, I'm frankly terrified of letting this new character have a sprite, lest I allow another cat worship cult to form (shudders)...

- orangelo, 23 March 2022

Build 0.14 Patch Notes 


  • Voyeur opportunity — during third visit to the Farms if you choose to peek
  • Talking to Alexi — in the locker rooms (req: competed in Coliseum)
  • Watch gladiators — replaces "Compete" option in Coliseum after it's done; 3 variations (interrupted if you have choose to have fun; Jacques' variation only appears if you submitted to him)
  • Fun in the stands — optional content while watching gladiators; 2 variations (req: fooled around the Champion or Jacques)
  • Introduction to Mikhail — available in Residents if you investigate the smell
  • Talking to Bobby — second visit to Construction; the Scenario requirement for this scene is not implemented yet
  • Fun in the tents — second visit to Construction
  • Introduction to the Brothel — at the Port 

P.S. the Renpy randomiser for the 'watch gladiators' scenes felt a bit wonky during my own test run. One specific scene variation just struggles to appear for some reason (even after I bumped up its occurrence probability). For your convenience, if you're trying to see all the scene variations, you can toggle text-skipping 'After Choices' in the Preferences menu. You can also hold down Ctrl to auto-skip text, or press Tab to toggle the auto-skip on.


  • Mikhail (SFW) — commissioned character
  • CG (?) at the Farms
  • Backgrounds for: bakery, a bunch of backgrounds for a certain establishment, tents at construction


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May 25, 2022

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you mean the black panther? because 99,9999% it will create a new simp cult XD


Big cats are good and I am going to lead the way for this new simp cult too.


Yes good good let the cat cult rise give in to your desires LoL

It was good to see Alexi again cuz I really like his design of just a big ole cuddly bear. I hope its the start of more moments with him. Also I liked seeing a CG (first one?) and beg for more


Gotta love our teddy bear.