Build 0.12 is out!

Build 0.12 Patch Notes


  • Talking to receptionists — second visit to the Adventurers' Guild
  • Talking to Lancaster — second visit to the Mages' Guild
  • Lancaster's experiment — third visit to the Mages' Guild
  • Volunteering for prison — begins a long event (currently incomplete)
  • Bribing your way out early — confinement area for prison event
  • Confronting the Thief — if you got him apprehended in the Marketplace
  • Guards' protection — Area 1 of prison event



It's a new year! Well... it's been a new year for a while now—but still. Anyway, school term's started again and I'm now busy drowning in readings and assignments. I'm still managing to divert enough time to OIHS for now, but the prison content is waaay longer than I had anticipated (dungeon electric boogaloo?), so it's unfortunately unfinished.

I was originally planning to write a little bit for it every month until I could release the entire prison event in one go... but the patrons have spoken: y'all want some prison dick. So here we are. Hope you enjoy what's available for now—but it'll take another month before we can see its denouement. 

At least I've finally finished the introductory parts for every place in Rajt—and can now properly flesh each of them out. Another poll will be coming up a few days after this build is actually released so y'all can vote on what you want next.

- orangelo, 23 Jan 2022


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Mar 25, 2022

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The Gladiator scene gets stuck in a loop.

How can we do the nsfw thief? Bc i really do love him <3

I'm about to play myself and I want to find out...I'm just afraid by the look of the updates being centered around prison event we had to turn him in to the guards (I don't wanna)


Orange said that there will be content for both turning him in and protecting him so you just need to wait for it if you don't wanna turn him in

Oh, pog. That's an early update :O