Build 0.11 is out!

Build 0.11 Patch Notes


  • Everyday bout — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Jacques's favour — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Meeting Alexi — Competing in the Coliseum
  • Drunk revelry — second visit to Peasants' Street
  • Drunk revelry revisit — seeing drunkards again at Peasants' Street
  • Minervus's plan — third visit to Peasants' Street (req: only if player helped the Thief in Marketplace)
  • Little girl help — third visit to Peasants' Street (req: only if player did not help the Thief in Marketplace)
  • Father Sloane's sermon — first visit to Cathedral
  • Assisting farmer — second visit to Farms
  • A familiar face — second visit to Farms (req: submitting during a certain encounter before Rajt)
  • Bad end potential — during "A familiar face" encounter


  • Alexi (SFW) — commissioned character
  • Minervus (SFW)
  • Father Sloane (SFW)
  • Backgrounds for: arena, meeting room, tent, cathedral interior, cathedral exterior, farm shed 2


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Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 25, 2022 90 MB
Feb 25, 2022 107 MB
Feb 25, 2022

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oh my, Alexi is indeed good looking, and so fuzzy. would love to have some NSFW action with him.... but he is an comissioned character so I don't know if it will be possible. 

also, that dirty liar. I did go fo it to see where it would go, but yeah, no real reward so I clicked in that good old "reverse the bad shit" button. wish that WE could claim the favor... that would be interesting...

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any reason why Jacques doesn't have a visual aspect? Also who's that white bear showed in here and where do I find him in game ? 

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He came, he came back for me, I love him so much. Thank you master. But seriously I'm so excited to see him again and I hope to keep seeing him more. Kinda wishing we could somehow make him our pet so we can always have him around LoL unlikely but one can dream to see more. The last thing I'd want is to never see him again but the same can be said for a lot. Love the update, definitely awesome. He's also not the only person to catch my eye but Alexi is very cuddly looking so I can't wait to actually meet him