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how many volumes are planned, 2 or more?

I like this world. I laughed and cried making it a top VN pick for me.


Some of y'all's comments are
baffling to me. That's all I'll say.

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Thought it would be anohter insulting stockholm fetish, but, thankfully, end result turned out to be much better then I expected. My major complaint is a plothole regarding prince kidnapping; tiger says that they kidnapped him for his contractor for what he assumed is ransom but its unclear why bandits ever needed to go this far when they could just initiate ransom themselves. Wouldn't it be much more convenient?

It's possible that they were paid enough that it wouldn't have been worth it to go through the extensive process of ransoming him without being caught. Or they just didn't like trying to figure out how to pull it off, when they were going to be guaranteed to be paid a lot for half the work.

They most likely only thought of kidnapping the prince because the contractor had specifically hired them to do so.

well, i guess this works


Waaa.... I love the tiger.. Y-you meanie! ʕ   -̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷄◞ω◟-̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷅  ʔ

This is a fun read. looking forward to more.


Would I be right to assume that the backgrounds are AI "art"? ^^'


Yes. And?


This story is turning into just as epic a tale as OIHS! 😁 I looove the direction, the pace, and just how different xour writing style is in this VN~ ♥️


The background art was impressive. I found one misspelling in the game, it stood out because everything else was well-written.

'The safe room' Rowan shouts back immediately. 'But we need to first Astrid first! Rosalie will be with her.'

I can't wait to see more. I'm hooked!

I am so confused, why is Rowan blaming himself for the situation when he was literally kidnapped and brought to his potential doom by the bandit whom he is traveling with right now. Wouldn't it make way more sense that he is blaming the bandit for literally everything because it is literally the bandit's fault?


Because he chose to slip out of the palace without letting anyone know or taking guards with him. For not taking enough precautions when he did this either.


Wow. Awesome!

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(Spoilers below)

Loved the story, great characters, excited to see where the vn goes, but jeez, you put GRRM to shame with how quick you are to kill off characters. I had just enough to time to get completely emotionally invested and then that cave scene happened.


*spoiler reply*








Pretty sure that character isn't truly gone, simply cuz they have an sprite and multiple emotions of it too. Why bother giving them sprite work only to be axed so early ya know..

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Yet another Stockholm Syndrome?


eventhough the use of ai art for the bgs does kinda upset me, its nice to have a good use for ai art that isnt evil


might sound like a very silly question but beastkin wear footwear and have plantigrade posture in this setting?  im asking for fanart purposes :3

im entirely going off of one description of the sound of Rod's footfalls as heavy boots so im not absolutely sure.

is there anywhere you've made the full sprites of the main characters public feets and all? xD


the sprites don't have feet 😋 in my mind, they wear boots with humanoid-ish feet, same as their hands/paws


Would have been awesome if they had digitigrade paws with cuteness enhancing beans.

who is the artist for this game?


It says right on this page


the background art?


i think it's ai ngl....

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A human mc who doesn't look dumb o.o praise the vn gods! 

Guran does great work the characters look fantastic.

update* I caved and paid for the 5$ patreon it's worth it for all future updates so why not. I enjoy the story so far and Roderick is a hunk so we are in this till the end now. 

My only suggestion/complaint is Sometimes the pacing feels a bit off or rushed. Also I can't lie hearing the royalty free stoic sad music which is used in a lot of dumb "sad" memes and jokes on youtube is a bit jaring, I think it should be changed.

great job so far!

thanks for ur support! 🙏 which parts' pacing feel off to you? i might edit those scenes 

Hmmm it really depends if the story is a long one or a short one.

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Great content so far, though I was wondering about one of the characters

(potential spoilers below)

Is there any chance that they will bring Finn back?

It is always good to have more tiger cuteness.

Nice Vn,  so  please I want to see a love triangle xD


What a great start! 🙂 the pace and characters have been laid out so nicely, and while OIHS doesn't exactly have a heavy tone to it, there is something very refreshing and tender about TSP 😌

Very excited to see where the story will go! 😋 Xou've taken all xour skills (pun intended) from xour previous novel and used them to create something which will no doubt leave us with a flutter in our chests as opposed to bulges in our pants~ 😏


thank you! 🧡


Not gonna lie, at first i thought it says "Argentina" instead of  "Argentia" and i was all confused

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A case of Stockholm Syndrome, I see. I'd prefer the phrase "slowly taming his captor". I guess I'll check it out later

Oh wait you're the author of OIHS, nevermind then

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tsp and oihs are very different visual novels

edit: for further clarification, tsp is a romance vn. sex is not a central theme to the story

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So, your complaint is that the main character isn't a dominant top? I can respect that.

Although Orange does technically have the right to write his VNs however he wants, and since they're passion projects, he's not really required to write it the way readers want.

I will say though, there are a few Visual Novels in which the MC is a top. But dominant? Yeah, that's in like 10 VNs max (out of 60 or so), and most of them are because they're route based romance VNs, so of course there are submissive dateable characters. All that to say I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you for characters to be dom tops in VNs. But that's just my opinion


I'm not demanding Orange to write what I want him to, I'm asking for an answer. If I don't like that answer, I'll just fuck off and go read what I already like. My wording might not be preferable but I just wanna know what I'm gonna get so that I can avoid dissatisfaction when that time comes


     It is quite strange that you have already discerned the entire plot when the story hasn't even told us anything remotely sexual about either character. While it is highly likely the prince will be submissive, who's to say the big guy doesn't like having his ponytail grabbed while having his cheeks clapped? At the end of the day it is the story that the dev wants to tell! Nothing wrong with constructive criticism but simply venting crap like I won't read it bcuz you're not making the character a top isn't remotely constructive!

         One of the best VNs I've read is Remember the Flowers and admittedly I was apprehensive about reading it the second it announced the MC was asexual but I gave it a shot and they did not disappoint. I didn't attack the dev for not making the character I wanted. I took it as the story the dev wanted to tell.

    Often times these stories are influenced by the patrons anyway. Many devs have polls which allow their supporters to influence things in the story. You're scrutinizing a project you've contributed $0 towards like they charged you for it, Karen! Being dominant might get you what you want in bed(doubtful 😑) but at the end of the day it is probably 80% boss bottom bitches paying the $5 or $10 subs. 

     You needn't respond to this by the way. I have no patreon account that requires your coin and your opinion means far less than that to me. This post, as yours was, is just meaningless thoughts spoken to express my distaste of your idea that this world or any other would cater to such a person as you. I'll even assist your cause and make your lil ego feel a whole 4 inches tall by giving this comment it's first dislike 😋. Aren't I the sweetest?


As someone who also strongly prefers to play as a dom top in VNs that allow you to choose your own position I can empathize with your claim. I do feel that a very large portion of these bara / furry VNs focus heavily on the player being bottom and / or submissive, and it has been frustrating trying to find something that fits my taste. 

That being said, however, as the dev has pointed out, this game and his previous project are two very different games. So maybe give it a bit of time before jumping into the conclusion that there are definitely not going to be anything you like? 


Ooooh, that looks very beautiful - are there PG18/NBSFW scenes (planned)?


yes, there are plans for nsfw content