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Just curious... I went into Father Sloane's room and took things. Then I stopped the girl from poisoning the well. But when I try to return to Minervus it stated that I haven't completed the task?

question, will we ever run into Zad again? really liked him


damn that little assassin duo with phyrrus was pretty dope i was like ' wait is this really happening..?' then i saw the bad end. ngl i wouldnt mind it tbh , a evil route seems interesting.


for some reason it keeps saying download not available when i try to donwload


me too



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hello sorry for the late response. i couldn't figure out what the problem was, but have finally found some potential ones from asking around:

(1) pls check if your and patreon accounts are linked; i've set it so you can only download the builds if they're linked

(2) the download links are INSIDE the devlog notes, so pls ignore the "This game is currently unavailable" on the front page (i.e. here)

(3) pls make sure you've already claimed your access key; you'll need to do this before you can access the downloads:

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if it still doesn't work, do contact me on discord or patreon

Ahh this is the Patreon version. My mistake

What's new in 0.3?

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Hey there, just wanted to let you know on the 0.02 version there is an error page I've been getting where for whatever reason the game can't upload the blacksmith image. Not sure what is causing this - not much of a technical person.

hmm, i looked through and everything seems fine... can u send me a screenshot of the error you're getting? u can reach me on discord or patreon or (or whatever works best)